His fingers thrust them deep in her ass stretching her. Tammy squealed in shock.Tammy felt John’s weight on her pinning her down. She sucked on his ...ingers as he instructed and felt his cock pressing against her ass. She knew what was coming and instead of resisting she accepted her position. Tammy gasped as he pushed his two fingers deep into her ass and felt the friction as John fingered her ass hard. The pain to start; then turning to pleasure; she moved her hips and ass to make the finger. . We've got the campfire tonight," Mark said, a little louder this time. He pushed her over so she was lying on her back, and it was then that he saw the nearly empty wine bottle cradled in her arms like a baby. "Oh, Jesus, Nat!" he exploded, carefully removing the bottle from her grip. "Have you been drinking?"The question was meaningless, he knew. His wife's face was flushed and her breathing was raspy and uneven. Slowly, her dark brown eyes flickered open and she stared unseeingly into the. I just see you and rush over to you and take you in my arms, and we share a huge hug. It feels so good to finally feel you that we stand there for what seems like forever just embracing. But then I pull my head back…and look into your eyes….and lean forward until our lips barely touch…I graze your lips with mine…move our faces closer together…cherishing the contact…as my lips graze yours…my tongue darts out, and licks at your lips….tasting you….until the tension builds and suddenly we’re. That’s pretty much how the next week went. Everyday I thought that either Marty or I, was ready to quit, but we somehow managed to stay at it. Marty wanted to stop along the way to visit places he had read about. Most of it was tourist crap, but he also had a list of places recommended by other members of his bike forum on the Internet. We hit a small Louisiana town during some festival or other. There was a giant fair, all the beer one could drink and fish stew one could eat for ten bucks a.

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