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.. something which puzzled his senses. His heart raced with a strange unease, yet her intense smile told him something was right as far as she was con...erned, and that had his cock stirring.She turned her head on hearing the door to the house open, Lloyd’s cock erecting as his eyes studied the deliciously effeminate Lucy, standing there, her soft face pale, and her expression much the penitent way it was when she’d revealed her secret to him ... just moments before he’d taken great pleasure in. I was captivated by her.As she looked out at the view, I slid behind her and gently wrapped my arms around her. I pressed my breasts gently into her back and began lightly kissing her neck. She smelled heavenly, like vanilla and jasmine. She moaned softly as she moved her head to the side, exposing more of her neck, while I continued to kiss and run my tongue over her beautiful skin. She turned to face me and we kissed passionately, our tongues fully exploring each other’s mouths. She pressed. This waiting is excruciatingly painful now I know I will be engaging in sex. There is a dull ache in my belly and I can feel the wetness smear my inner thighs as I grind them together, my clitoris is swollen and my meshing stimulates and produces more fluid. I see a taxi approaching, it’s them, my husband and his pick-up cock for me. The taxi stop outside our home, and I reach for the towel and wipe myself dry, men like to feel a girls cunt wet when the put their fingers inside, not all over. I. "Open to page six," Robert said... So, I did. There was a small ad circled with a pencil. "Go on, read it," he said."Single, young, clean, super-stud, 9-inch erection, great staying power, huge cumloads, 6' 2", blonde, cute. Looking for good-looking, clean couples, single ladies, foursomes, moresomes, older OK, can serve as bull for wife, party a****l, can be versatile, curious husbands OK to watch or join in. Must be able to entertain. Send good photos."Next to the ad was a black and white.

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