.. Take my pants off."She hurried to my pants and took them off in one fell swoop, throwing them at the other corner of the room, she took off my sock... next, massaging her face with my feet.She spread my legs and went to my crotch, kissing, licking and biting my hard cock through my underwear."Oh God, I can't believe I'm letting you do this!"I said, trying to catch my breath, my heart pounding in my throat.She pulled off my underwear and was about to grab my cock but paused and looked at me,. This momentarily distracted my girlfriend and she then her attention returned back to Darcy as he slid his hands around her breasts and cupped her big tits, lifting them up and squeezing the hard, once again causing my girlfriend to moan and close her eyes. While fondling her tits, Darcy moved closer behind my girlfriend, crouched down and started to rub his big hard crotch against her ass, at this time I knew the game was done and the night would now get much more interesting. As Darcy. There was no city sky-glow like I was used to, and even though my eyes weren't really adjusted to the darkness, it sure seemed like there were a lot of stars up there.The woman came back and the girls climbed into the bus. She handed me a large thermos. "This is orange juice, young man."I contemplated making sure it got dumped right away and she laughed. "Young man, before you go getting exercised about what other poor souls have done in the past, know that scripture takes a very dim view of. As I opened the door my overly cheerful smile turned into a jaw dropping ogle. Standing infront of me was the most beautiful black woman I had ever seen. Her skin was as dark and smooth as chocolate. Her eyes that bore into me were hazel mixed with a hint of amusement. Her hair was held back from her face and gave her a modern appearance of ancient Egyptian goddess. Her pink lips parted to reveal a pearly white smile. “Hi, you must be Steven. I am Nefertiti.” The sound of her voice reminded me.

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