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Aval thinarinaal naan kovamaaga thondaiyil sunniyai iraki avaluku muuchu thinaralai eer paduthinen. Pinbu meendrum sunniyai suuthu ootaiyil iraki ooka...aarambithen avaluku sugathai thaangi kola mudiyaamal en nanbanin udhadil mutham koduithu konde suuthu kuthiyai ooka kanbithu kondu irunthaal.Naangal avaluku oothu oothu valiyai eer paduthugirom endru oothal, aval sugathai matume anuba vaithu kondu irunthaal.Pinbu en nanban avalin vaaiyil sunniyai vitan, ippozhuthu kalavai naan doggy nilaiyil. Crewmen were standing at the rail of each ship shouting insults at each other. Suddenly, a musket shot was fired from one of the ships. Return fire rang out, and this rapidly escalated into a serious gun battle. Several pirates from both sides were wounded, and this was the final straw. Somebody fired a cannon load of grape shot at the other ship, which was enough to trigger a full scale battle with both sides firing cannon.The two ships were close together and not moving relative to each. Besides you will have more fun with my tits and ass that way."She leaned down and gave me a hell of a sexy kiss full on my mouth as she straddled my hips. She reached down and placed my cock between her cunt lips. She began to slowly move up and down with her clit against my cock. Her speed increased until she was fucking my cock with her clit while her hands rested on my chest. This was a sensation I had never felt before.Then suddenly, she lifted herself a couple of inches and my cock slid. . She was a nice enough girl and we could tell Mike really liked her. We, of course, knew the whole story about Mike, Liz, and Emma in the break-room, so we knew that Liz had a kinky streak too, but we liked Mike, so we tried not to stress him out when she was there. And we noted that she was staying over more and more frequently as of late. Good for him.It was early winter, between Thanksgiving and Christmas, when Emma called.“Hey, I have some pretty big news to share with you guys,” she.

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