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"Should I take all my clothes off in here?" Yep," he answered, "if you want to; it'll save some time."Tonya took her shoes & socks off, and slipped of... her pants & panties; her shirt was next, and finally, her bra. She looked at her nakedness in the mirror, imagining how her body would be stimulated during the therapy.She reached down, picked up her clothes, and folded them into a bundle. She took the bundle, and walked out of the bathroom, back into the Doctor's office. He had an overnight bag. I cried out loud as my nose and mouth were pushed against her wet pussy lips behind the thong. She moved her thong to the side and forced my face between her wet lips. I felt her juices over my face.I was told this is not for my pleasure so she made me remove my dress and put me over her knees. She made me count as she slapped me with a leather strap on my bottom. She slapped me 10 times very hard and got my ass burning and then spread my cheeks with her hands. I could feel her fingers pushing. “That feels so good,” she moaned, again clutching at the bed sheets with her fingers. “That feels so fucking good!” Sarah continued to moan and groan, and directed me to go faster, then slower, then faster again. After several minutes, I held onto her hips and just remained still, letting Sarah do all the work, moving her pussy back against my hard shaft, forcefully, and with greater speed. She turned her head and looked back several times, attempting to watch her pussy lips engulf my manhood.. Yaat vyaktila sex karnyachi aavad tashi naste. Asha manovriti cha vyaktina ekantat aaplya avdiche madak(sexy) kapde ghalnyat ek prakar cha aanad milto. Yana havi asleli parishiti ani ekant milala ki yana ase karnyachi echa hote. Pan ya veli sex cha chance milala tar te kadacht karu hi shaktat. Aata mavshi kay karte yakade maze laksa lagle hote. Mavshi khali kitchen madhe geli. Tithe mhatari shanti hoti. Shanti shivan kaam pan karat ase. Tya don majur mhatarya jatana tine swata shivlele kapde.

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