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Casey did and looked a little worried. She looked cute though. Vulnerable, drunk and scared. She stammered out wha whaaa what is it Andrew? Andrew...told her he had cameras all over the house. He said that he saw her steal some of his cocaine and then lay on the bed. He told her he was going to tell her parents.Casey began to cry and begged him not to. Andrew sat there for a minute then said maybe we can work this out. It was if a light went off in Caseys head. She said I know what I can. Of course her pussy would be beautiful; it couldn't be any other way.Ann pulled the panties down and off then slowly moved between Beth's obscenely spread legs.Again she teased the girl stroking and kissing her thighs. Licking at her swollen lipsAnn briefly pressed her tongue inside Beth's steaming cunt. The girl was almost incoherent with lust and writhed sensuously on the bed. Ann Slowly inserted a finger into Beth and rested her lips gently against her engorged clit."Please, oh please. .. and talk like it was me there playing withthem." That sounds _real_ good." Geri's voice was low and breathy now. "I'mlying back here on my bed, and you, you're here with me. Your hands, oooh,they're so big. I like a man with big hands. It means he's got a big dick.Do you have a big dick, Joe, honey?"The room seemed to shift. She was in a bedroom, a woman's bedroom with lacycurtains and a dressing table covered with cosmetics and a bed, a woman'sbed with a white ruffled bedspread that she was. And all this is not a guarantee of sex, actually, she will have sex when and if she wants to, and usually is not with her male sub. Those usually will only suffer and behave like her property, they will be stripped off their identity and are not human beings anymore. They will have no hungry, no cold, no pain, no free will and finally no sex! A poor wife that will be explored and abused by losing all her hard earned money. But Miss Brat is a ruthless bitch with not even a trace of mercy or.

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