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Maybe I needed to see a shrink or better yet a priest. I than began thinking of my mother and grandmother.Mom was 55 years old. Over the years she'd p...t on at least 20 pounds, most of that on her ass. My grandmother was at least 75 and skinny as a nail. Both women had rather large racks on them. But time and gravity had caused them to hang low on both women. Earlier when watching the video I had noticed my mother had large pussy lips and there was no doubt that the large nub I saw at the top of. I believe I can convince Thomas. He gets what he wants and there is no reason for him to be jealous of you." Do you think you can handle both of us?" Walter asked with a slight smile."I am sure of it. As you said, you are not that demanding. For quite some time my desire for sex has been off the charts. I know Thomas can be a handful, but so can I," she said and laughed."Well, when are you going to tell him?"Again Grace smiled. "I will tell him tonight." Okay, then I will leave for the other. We kissed - long, wet, French - reaching behind, cupping and groping each other's bums. Lovely! Suddenly a series of piercing whistles and loud cheers broke the mood, and reminded us Jack was there. We got up, smiling, pulling our panties back into place, and I fetched a towel from my bag to clean up with. Jack was walking his bandy cowboy walk down the aisle towards us, packing himself back into his faded Levi's, saying, "Fuckin ace, girls! Haven't seen anything that rumptious since I was in. “Da-Daddy NO! Pu-Please don’t let him!!” My body was trembling as I watched Brandon get up and sit down in the “spanking” chair, a smirk on his face, “Come lay across my lap Kylie.” Daddy sat down on our other couch.“Nu-NO!” I screamed at Brandon.“Kylie, you had better do it or I will make you.” Dad warned.Covering my small privates from his view, I lie down across Brandon’s lap and immediately felt his growing hard-on on my tummy. I shook my head no. “no, no, no…” I whispered.SMASH! I felt a.

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