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I lifted my hips, pushing up, trying to bury myself in her. Cindy dropped her hands to my stomach. "No, stop, I mean wait". Her voice was catching. Ci...dy lifted herself up, rising up almost off of me. I could see that just the head of my cock was still inside of her. After holding herself up for several seconds she gradually lowered herself back down. I watched as my cock slowly disappeared in her; spreading her lips apart as her pussy engulfed me. When we reached the halfway point again I was. ‘screw more days longer’ called yesterday, I heard a young female voice laugh, calling his name in a sexy manner. So I was madder than hell. I was a hot woman in my late twenties’ but very still attractive. I could tell from the glances I got from the horny men. To be honest I don’t know why husband was wasting time with a little slut when I can rumble and rock and roll and raise the roof and break the bed, and game all night long; and he was wasting it on some tramp that likely. This was just too good an opportunity to miss, so I started lobbing grenades at them as they jumped from the trucks. That was enough to catch them completely by surprise because we were well hidden in the shadows inside the building. It was obvious that somebody was in here because we had deliberately left the loading dock door open, but the interior lights were off.I tossed grenades as fast as I could, and four of them went off before the enemy could react other than try to run away. It didn't. She staggered in from her date with her blouse buttoned wrong and still had the "He ate me" look. The next week, she was a little more sedate. And her hair was seriously mussed up and her lipstick was completely gone. At least her blouse was buttoned right. She didn't have that dreamy look on her face anymore.Something had changed, but I couldn't exactly ask Lu about it, could I? I tried with some normal conversation, like, "Hey Lu, how was your date?" or "Pass the corn flakes, and say, what.

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