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I chuckle lightly. "Do you like that baby?"You give out an involuntary moan of pleasure. I reach down and unclasp the hooks in the front. As I pull th... cups aside to reveal your naked breasts to my eyes a small blush travels down your chest. The cool air makes your nipples crinkle and harden even further. I resume teasing them. "Mmmm, so nice," I whisper using both hands now to play with your body. "Just begging to be sucked."I lean my head down and take your left tit into my mouth, sucking and. Mary Lou was bringing Davy further down the path of ecstasy than he had ever traveled before. On more than one occasion, he felt that he was about to shoot when Mary Lou switched tactics, allowing his excitement to fade before starting in on him again. She was, in effect, pumping him up and Davy was thoroughly enjoying it.Mary Lou and Davy still had their tongues touching, but their minds were on each other's bodies at the moment.Davy wanted to feel Mary Lou's nipple and squeezed it between his. Thanks!I've gotten used to wearing no underwear when you're around.I could be cleaning up the kitchen and you'll slide your hand up the inside of my leg, slide a couple of fingers deep in my slit and give me a feel. Other times I could be bending over and you'll slide right in, balls deep in a second.Of course it helps to always wear skirts, and I do it just for you. Who knows when you could ask me to sit on your lap and ride your rock hard cock, bouncing up and down while you fiddle my clit. As we continued to passionately exchange kisses, I unbuttoned the shirt she was barely wearing, exposing her body to the light that was filtering through the window. Her tits pressed against the thin lace of her white bra and I could feel her hard nipples through the lace and my own shirt. She wore white fishnet hold up stockings that were held at the very top of her thighs with a lacy white garter belt and no suspenders. As we continued to kiss, Patsy unbuttoned the shirt I was wearing and let.

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Fucking machine

Fucking machine

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