”“How come I didn't see her droppin' you off this morning?”“Oh, I guess you were watching then,” I smiled, glad to hear this backhanded admi...sion that he was still interested in her. “I'm riding my bicycle in now. It saves us gas and is getting me in better shape. PT test coming up, don't you know. She'll probably be here once in a while, just not as much as before now that school has started. You'll just have to watch for her. Or you could just call her, since she can't call you.”It felt good. Several hard slaps on her ass had her shouting for more, harder, which I gave her.I reached down to her stockings grabbed a handful of nylon and tore a great hole in each leg, then pulling out of her. I quickly tore them down to her ankles and pulled them off her foot Now she was a naked as we were. Slipping back up her cunt I fire my load in her, 3 or 4 loads fired off and I could feel it dripping down her legs.She turned to me smiling, “I still want to see you fuck Jayne, but now I want you. Mene kaha ki fir to mai kucch bhi kar sakta hu na..usne mere sir par dhire se mara aur kaha bahot bade ho gaye ho tum…Hum jab mall me pahoche tab waha bahot se couples ek dusre ke hath me hath daal kar chal rahe the maine bhabhi se kaha ap meri gf ho to apko bhi aisa kana padega…wo itni sexy lagti thi jaise koi college student ho.wo mere se 4saal badi thi…unki thodi tshirts lene k baad unho ne kaha ki muje inners lene hai.mene kaha mai wait karta hu ap le bhabhi ne kaha ki tum mere lover. She looked at me with a cruel smile as she watched Blondie and Brownie treat me like the sissy I am.“I belong to you,” she told Bobby, “Anything for you… anything.”Then suddenly Bobby’s thrusts became harder and faster. I knew he was about to climax, adding his load of cum to the two already in her pussy.Bobbie took his final strokes, and the contented look on my wife’s face told the whole story. She may have been my wife, but she belonged to Bobby totally. She would submit to anything he.

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