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Dani smiles up at me lustfully as she pulls back my panties as my cock pops out. Pre-cum is already dripping from my cock. Dani and I had talked cock and her desire to suck on it, take it into her mouth and engulf it. Now my hard cock was before her in reality, and Dani doesn’t hesitate; her playful licks remove the clear liquid. She kisses my cock head and, in one motion, engulfs my cock with her mouth. Her red lips move slowly down my seven- and half-inch shaft. My eyes grow larger. I lost my wind. The antimagic wall cut me off. “Las's cock,” I spat, snapping my eyes open. “It just shifted on me.”“We need someone devious to figure out how to move through here,” Xera said. “This place was built by Cernere, Goddess of Crime. Her mind is a labyrinth. She designed this place to be difficult to navigate.”“So we need someone devious,” sighed Thrak, glancing at the hole I opened.Chaun snapped his fingers, a look of triumph on his face.“I don't think Minx is devious enough to. But I had to give myself a mental pep talk before moving on. You got this. I put my hands on the waistband of her panties. Just pretend you've done this many times before. I yanked down and her underwear was gone. Her bare ass jiggled a little, still red from where I'd slapped it. To think, two hours before that I had only dreamed about this type of thing. Now Maria was almost begging me to fuck her. I slapped her ass again, making her go "Uh!" and I gripped it instead of bringing my hand back.. Her drink was empty and I asked her if she would like another drink. She said she would and I ordered another one for her. I had not finished my beer. I asked her if she wanted to dance and she said "Not right now, Maybe later." I looked around the bar and it seemed pretty full for a Wednesday night.It was mostly couples, not many single men or women. Gail finished her drink and asked if she could have another. I ordered her another rum and Coke. She got about half way through the drink and.

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