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I gently slid my arms under her body and carried her into her bedroom. I laid her out flat on her bed, covered her with a blanket, and settled into a ...ecliner on the far side of the room. Within minutes we were both sleeping peacefully. I woke up, somewhat bleary-eyed, and it took a moment to place where I was. I yawned, stretched, and levered myself out of the chair. Just then I heard a rustling noise and turned to see Jessica shaking the sleep out of her eyes. ‘What the… how did I get. But I want to taste her ass again, as I loved this when we were together, she has such a great ass and her ass hole is so nice to lick out, not hairy at all and just a tight little hole that always taste so nice. so I get her off the table and get her to bend over it with her skirt up and start eating out her ass. It tastes as good as I remember and I carry licking and pushing my tongue against and in her hole for a good few minutes while rubbing my hands all over her still clothed body and. “My favorite”, he murmurs as she’s suddenly spun around and pulled forcefully to his chest. The smell of him is overpowering, his natural musk, mixed with the scent of industrial oil and heavy machinery and the whiskey on his breath, flood her nose and push the walls of her consciousness perilously close to black. She can feel his fingers slipping into her brown curls, then a short gasp escapes her lips as her head snaps back and the air breezes across her exposed throat. No pain of course, he. After the marriage both rathode and vijaya continued their life as husband and wife in their home slightly vijaya’s problem is cured because of constant sex, ramegowda never disturbs them even they are in same home after about 2 years rathode married a beautiful girl , he married that girl because she is an orphan and he knows that he can easily convince her to have sex with his father, rathode told every thing about their relation to her after their marriage and she finally agreed to do this.

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