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Please” I said again. She felt sorry for me, and said “Ok ok. You go now. Don’t do this again.” I came out still shaking and she locked the do...r from inside. I came down to the hall and switched on the TV, but my mind was elsewhere. ‘Fucking Bitch!’ I thought about my aunt. ‘Her husband can’t satisfy her sexual needs. I’m pretty fucking sure about it. What would happen to her if she lets me fuck her?She threw away a good opportunity. Stupid bitch!’ I thought. I didn’t speak to her all day. I. I glanced back and they were already running! I knew it hadn't been 30 seconds. I don't think it had even been 15, those dirty bastards! Before too long they were right on top of me. I could hear them panting and laughing. Laughing. My breasts were sore from having to run without any support. I don't even feel my feet anymore. The adrenaline is coursing through my veins and I feel like I'm running for my life.Joe was the faster of the two. He had caught up to the point where he was practically. " My aunt replied looking at me. My head started spinning and I started getting all sorts of ideas. I thought now I will get good scolding when we are alone. After dinner all my dad and uncle left. I came back to house after seeing them off. I didn't see my aunt. I called out her name. She asked me to come to my room. I went into my room and saw that she was on my bed going through my books. Well what is she trying to do. I came and sat beside her. "So you love putting your cock between my. P.e. you until i cum deep, deep inside you, then again and again until you mind breaks and all you feels is the pleasure and ecstasy of been r.a.p.e.d and impregnated by a total stranger. Make you my breeding bitch just like all the other sluts i keep locked up and tied up. Oh you fucking horny little bitch you like that? I will definitely Fuck, r.a.p.e. and impregnate you multiple times over and over breaking both your body and mind. You will love the feel, taste, and smell of my hot thick cum.

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