But. why the hell does everyone want to come to us? Are we flavour of the month or something? No wonder Darren and Sheila give me very cold shoulders ...hese days. I knew they hated me, now I know why." Because their staff yearn to work for you, Tim." I looked at him with a smile, he knew I was kidding. "But, seriously, given the choice between us and Darren or Sheila as a boss, who would you choose?" That's an unfair question, and I'm not answering it. Or not whilst I'm in this office. I guess. "I have not agreed to be your girlfriend. I'm not promising I won't date other people if I choose to. You should go out with others if you wish. All we're going to do is see if something more is possible." Fair enough," I agreed. "Miss Edwards, may I have the pleasure of your company tomorrow evening? Perhaps we could enjoy a movie together or go dancing." Penny chuckled at my mock formality."I would be honored to go dancing with you tomorrow evening, Mr. Martin," Penny replied.Penny and I. How could i say no to such an offer that to made by such a hot women. So i reached her flat by around 12.00 noon she was wearing a black saree with a low cut blouse and we finished our lunch. As it was the first time for me to be with a strange women i was bit nervous.but i didnt show that to her.she started to stare at me and she was so hot with pretty hot lips. I went near her and placed a sweet kiss on her cheeks and she responded with a smile and then hugged her tightly and she covered her. “Well, Vicki, it’s not good to get in the way of someone’s spirit. You just get out of the way and let go when it’s time.” I thought about what he said and nodded. “Nice philosophy but it must have been painful for you.” “It was. I really loved her and we had a long history together. But we’re friends now and we wish each other well. It’s best this way. Life goes on.” He then got up and went to the telephone to dial the garage again. He was much taller than my five feet three, and I liked.

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