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Oh I see enough to get by, but I will never drive a car. My coke bottle thick glasses always attracted the bullies and I'd be in the school office at ...east once a week for fights in the hallways. Because of my sight my social life was the pits. Let's face facts; it's those who can drive who get the dates. If you don't drive you go stag to dances. In September and October there were dances and I did go stag and I was getting to know some of the girls, none of whom were in any of my classes.. By now I had my legs as spread open as possible I had most of my weight on the counter and I guess my backside was just a little above his head.I felt my climax coming on me and I could not wait for it to hit. I felt King working his tongue not only into my pussy but I felt him pushing it into my asshole. I relaxed myself and it felt like nothing before in my life. My body shook and shook with climax after climax. The more I came it seemed that King was increasing his tongue-lashing. It was a. "Well shit!" my inner monologue replied "Nice knowing you." I stepped into her office and she shut the door behind me. That was odd I thought teachers had some rule against meeting with students with closed doors. This is going to be bad I thought."Have a seat." Ms. M replied. I sat down, as she walked in front of me, my face was level with her ass. My cock immediately saluted Officer Sexy Ass. Shit, the fantasies began rolling through my head as Ms. M turned around right in front of me and. Rick's eyes flicked to Chris's crotch where he saw the arched back of the dragon tattoo disappearing down into the panties. Rick couldn't stop his tongue poking through his lips at the sight.‘Do you want to touch it? The tattoo I mean,’ whispered Chris. Rick s eyes flicked up and he nodded. ‘Go ahead, Rikkie. See what it feels like.’ Rick held out his hand and he gently touched the tattoo making Chris's tummy shiver. It almost looked as if the dragon were alive and undulating as Rick stroked.

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