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Jim didn't hesitate, he didn't make any effort to let Tara 's body accommodate the massive pole, he just kept pushing it in her pussy, making her scre...m louder and louder the more the rubber phallus sank into her cunt.“That's it bitch, how do you like this in your pussy, or do you want me to let Pat fuck your brains out instead?” Jim pushed the dildo deeper and deeper, the muscles in Tara 's legs corded and jerked as she yelped, the object sunk into her body. Jim had a good 10 or 12” of the. Marcus looked from Amber's eyes to her pussy. He pulled his cock back dragging the tip down to her opening. Amber gulped anxiously. Marcus pushed his hips forward and pressed his manhood slowly into Amber's tight cunt. Amber looked down. She wanted to see his big dark cock push into her pussy. She wanted to see him fuck her. She wanted to be able to describe it to Matt almost as much as she just wanted to feel it insider her. Amber was horny beyond comprehension. It overwhelmed her. She thought. The night rolled on and the guests were gone, mygirlfriend retired to bed leaving her mum in thekitchen to clear up a bit and me on the couch as thatis where I have to sleep when I go around there,before I knew it my girlfriends very sexy mother wassitting next to me stroking my young cock through myjeans.“Shhhh, she’s in bed, and it is my birthday.”She started to unbutton my jeans and pulled out mythrobbing hard dick noticing it was dripping with Precum, without hesitation. I was left in a daze. I hurt all over, in places I never thought I could hurt but especially my arm. I tried to get up but I soon crumpled to the ground from the badly sprained ankle. Although there were no other broken bones of sprains in the other leg, it felt like the mare had trampled me as well. Getting back on my feet right away did not seem like an option. Also, I could tell from the pain that my right arm was broken in at least one place. Thankfully it was a simple fracture. I did the.

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