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She relaxed in the large 4 poster bed, feeling the heavy quilt on her as she snuggled up for the night, trying to go through her head what she had to ...o tomorrow to finish up. Alice was a petite lady, about 5'2 130 pounds nice firm breasts, large nipples that to her were both her best asset and worse enemy, especially when it was cold out. She had to always wear super padded bras at work, and even then you could still see the outline of her nipples when it was cold out or she was excited. After. You smile and tell me I’ve been a very good girl. You go to the kitchen and return with glasses and a bottle. “I hope you’re still going to be a good girl after this!” you say handing me a full glass of my favourite. I don’t answer but the voice in my head, the one that tells me not to oblige so much, says “and if I don’t?” In my head I hear your response. “Naughty girls don’t get cock” and it’s in that damn tone again. I smile to myself and wonder whether I really might have finally crossed a. " Withrenewed energy they strode across the heather but it took them longer thanexpected to reach the place. Several times a detour had to be made to avoidstreams and boggy places but just as night was beginning to fall, they arrivedat the house. Close to, the house lost none of its Stygian appearance and inother circumstances they would never dared to have knocked at the door. Nowthere was no choice. They were totally wet through, shivering, and so wearythey felt they couldn't walk another. Oh, and Elspeth and Brianna." I don't remember telling anyone." Hope offered, after a moment, and they all turned to Marcus."Hope, and Ally and Nick at Christmas." He explained."I guess I can live with that." Corrine sighed, flopping back. "I'm not... I don't get icky around you guys, you know that, but... I just don't want someone's hands going in the wrong places, you know." Shawna blanched and Hope squeezed her shoulder gently."I'm sorry, Corrine, I really... I thought..." Hope tried."I.

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