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”“Incredible, I dreamed I was you, getting abducted by a girl named Coco as well.”At this point, I reached over and stroked my hand down Flow’... compact back. Flow was the third partner in our poly-amorous marriage. Let me tell you, my girl Flow, who happened to be a squat, thick Asian, really knew how to slurp cunt.“Flow, did you have any dreams last night?”“As a matter of fact, I did. It was pretty debauched. I was sucking you a lot, except you had a cock, and I had a spaceship! Who the hell. She must have assumed thatbecause I told her we were taking advantage of the sale plus we boughtall triple sets. I was looking at other earrings while she was doingyour ears. Second, the small hoop was my idea. It was a small surprise.I thought you'd like it. It looks cute. Now calm down. We need to getyour hair done."A few shops further down we turned into the salon. My mind was workingovertime wondering what was going to happen to me in this place. Out oftwo stops so far, I had wound up with. Yeh bolte hi Mummy ne ek naughty smile dedi. Rishi ne mummy ko apne jism se lagake ek aur hug diya aur fir waise hi apni mummy se lipta raha.Ab rishi mummy ki gardan pe apni tongue se khel raha tha aur mummy ki back par haath rakha hua tha. Usne mummy ko peeche se pakda hua tha. Mummy ki bra abhi tak unke boobs ko chupa rahi thi…rishi mummy ke cleavage pe apna muh laake cleavage ko chaatne laga. Chaat the chaat the usne mummy ko taango ko fela diya. Mummy ki hairy pussy thi. Usne mummy panty ke. She looked at me and shook her head. ‘You’re right, Tamara. She is a pretty thing. It’s a shame she’s such a little bitch,’ she said. ‘Indeed,’ said Tamara. ‘Still, that’s correctable.’ My face burned as they stared at my naked body. I couldn’t believe everyone was still there, but not a single customer had moved. Many of them were smiling openly at my predicament. I wriggled in humiliation for a moment, but then my knees lost all strength and I dropped to a kneeling position directly in front.

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