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I let his tongue slip into my mouth and I found myself putting my arms around the man's neck. He was a good kisser, a great kisser, and his tongue was...quick and agile and darting across my own like a feather. I moaned and shivered, feeling my body come alive for him. I'd been so quiet, so patient and all the while I'd been coiled like a spring inside. I wanted this as badly as Sam did and part of my mind warned me, the way it always does, but I ignored it, the way I always do."I'm sorry," he. I will disembark and then kill the son of a bitch." Looking at the confused ensign, he shouted, "Get up there." Ted turned and climbed back up into his Mech, sitting down he closed the hatch.Pulling the picture of his wife off the dash, he looked at it. "Jenny, my sweet love, when this bastard is dead, I don't know..."Rita came on and started to try to talk to her captain, "Sir, we will be landing on the Oregon in five minutes, Captain Woo has decided to..." What!" Flipping on his com, he. Unfortunately, it is to me." You said is, not was." As far as I know she has never gotten a divorce." So as far as you know you are still married?" As far as I know."Rats!" What does that mean?" You're kind of cute and the "curious" ploy was an attempt to get something going, but that's out the window if you are married." Sorry." So am I sweetie; so am I."I finished my beer and got up to go. As I walked out to the parking lot I thought about what Sarah had said. Lori shooting down guys that hit. I wasn’t sure she was coming to bed, but she finally joined me about an hour after I went to bed. Tammy snuggled up against me, “How was it?”I rolled over facing her, “Do you really want to know?”“I didn’t think I did, but yes I do want to know.”“I’m not going to lie, it was good. I never blamed you for your condition, but I missed having sex. Sara said you were afraid I would find other women to have sex with. I will tell you that was not going to happen and will not happen.”“Do you want to do.

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