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"His face went red before he spun, "lets see you play that with one of the instructors."I watched him leave before looking at Emma as she giggled. She...smiled, "yeah we can not start until the new quarter in a week so all the new people are going out on that course."I looked at the instructor that came around the corner, "want a partner?"Emma grinned, "sure."I nodded, "see you first thing in the morning. Wear something warm under the utility uniform."The instructor stopped, "do not interfere. "How am I expected toturn up to work on Monday?" I told you over dinner," he said, "I don't want you to go to work. Iwant you to be yourself, not him. I can provide for you." I am not sure what you want from me," Margaret said. "I am not gay.If you want sex, then I cannot offer you that. If that is what youwanted by having me do this to my body, then you have made a mistake." I will not force you to do anything that you do not want to do," hesaid."But you already have," she said. "Look at. Oh... were they... was that... is it what the call a G... spot? Did I really have one? Oh.... mmmm.And, that's when I felt Bridget nibbling my neck and kneading my breasts hard... her thighs were shaking. Kat's face arrived shining like the sun after an eclipse, smiling, tongue licking her lips. Bridget collapsed on me, her arms coiled in around my sides and holding my shoulder blades for dear life.Charlotte commanded in the most liquid gold voice she could, "hold her ladies," and I felt. She was alone and the sun was up. He must be in the bathroom, she thought. She closed her eyes for a few more minutes. Stirring, she rolled out and checked the bathroom—nothing. She went down stairs. Nothing. She saw it, the note. She relaxed. Amanda, I'm leaving. We had a good run. But, I can't stay any longer with no hope of marriage, and you always moping around about him. I tried; I really did. But, I want a life and a wife and maybe even kids, though as for that maybe it's too late, I.

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