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His tongue explored her mouth while his hands explored her back. One settled on her rump; the other held the back of her head. She was out of breath w...en he broke the kiss.“It is as good as my dreams,” he said. She was glad she hadn’t been the only one dreaming of this. “I’m going to leave while I can. I’ll call.” Then he walked out the door, carrying his coat.She needed a change of clothes, at least. She’d been sweating; inability to feel anything wasn’t the only problem caused by kissing. Maine kaha mai sirf dekhna chahta hu jab phone pe dekh liya to real mei bhi ek bar . Usne kuch nahi kaha aur maine chai kholi aur upper ka nikal liya aur red bra mei katilana lag rahi thi mera ustad khada ho chuka thabaur usne dekh liya tha . Maine usk bra khola aur boobs ko chusne laag gaya wo moan karne lagi aur baal ko khichne lagi mere, maine chuste hue usk boobs ko kat bhi liya kai bar nishan bhi pad gaye the wo pura seduce hogayi thi . Maine moke ka fayda uthate hue nada khol diya aur. Dom didn’t skip a beat, “Loser sucks the winners’ cocks.”The room went silent.John broke the silence by chuckling loudly. “Dude you know Riley doesn’t have the balls to make a bet like that!”Dom began nodding his head, “You’re right bro..““I’m not a punk! You’re on!” Riley answered. Goaded by his two best mates. “Cutthroat. Every man for himself. Rack ‘em up bro.”While Riley was focused on getting the balls tightly racked, Dom and John passed a glance between each other. Game on.Dom broke the. We were totally surprised and embarrassed but we could not hide in the middle of the meadow and we even had no clothes or towels to cover each other. The guys were not embarrassed at all and came to us and sitting around us. We were told that they were working on the closed golf course when two of them discovered us on the grass and called the others to join them. After a few minutes the others arrived, sitting silently on the porch and watching us fucking on the meadow. We apologized going.

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