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As they drove through the park gates and into the grounds, Tony was astonished at the size and scope of the estate. He had never seen deer grazing in ...he wild before, and it seemed a long drive before they came to the house. As they neared the house Tony could see that much of the open land near the house was being ploughed and he assumed that the intention was to plant vegetables or grain to aid the war effort.The house itself was absolutely magnificent, either he or Kate had never ever been. As part of the package, I had also planned a wonderful meal at a rooftop restaurant that overlooked the city. During dinner I gave my wife an expensive golden necklace that I had purchased for her for being so wonderful while I was away. I told her that the gift came with a condition though. She had to go to the washroom, remove her panties (she was wearing a thong that night with a fairly short skirt with black nylons) and hand them to me when she returned. She got a grin on her face and. A third finger was added and George’s ass was taking it with no extra efforts, he was moaning and moving around announcing how pleased he was, finally Mia got rid of her panties, started going upward over George’s body without touching him, she placed her mouth by his ear whisperingGeorge, what is going to happen now is something you definitely are not used to, I hope you can handle it and not hate me for it, are you sure you want me to continue, as it would be hard to back up after this. I walked the shop and made sure everyone else would be punched out at five. Shortly after five Amber came to my office. “Strip” I commanded her. She did as I said.“Kneel, head down” I commanded “knees open, shoulders back”.Minutes ticked away, I could see Amber becoming inpatient with me. “Hold your position slave” I commanded.5:15 on the nose Jimmy walked in. Amber jumped, and tried to hide.“Hold your position slave” I commanded again.Jimmy just stood in the door with a smile from ear to ear..

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