Indian wife jill as a maid

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"Too tight, lover?" I asked her.She shook her head. "Just too perfect, Master. You are too kind to me."Refastening her gag, I kissed her on her forehe...d, then bent her over and tied her hands out in front of her. I couldn't resist fondling those tremendous hanging globes, and Sally was soon squirming in her bonds, her juices dripping down her legs.Nicole had observed my preparation of Sally and tried to devour me when I kissed her. I pulled back from her with a questioning look."Do not be. Fir dhire dhire bat badhne lagi aour ek din maine uska mobile number mang liya and us din hamari bahut bat hui. Bato se pata chala ki uski sadi 2 month bad hai. But uska man v chudai ka tha.Ek din bato bato me wo apna mobile recharge karne ko boli aour maine 100 ka recharge karwa diya wo bahut khus hui and wo paise dene ko boli maine mana kar diya aour badle me bola ki kuch aour de do. Wo boli kya chahiye , mai bola ek kiss de do wo v hoth par then wo raji ho gaye.By luck 6th day wo boli aj. He was good looking and about 5 years younger than me. I messaged him and he messaged back and we talked like this off and on for a week or two. Then luckily for me, my wife had to travel out of town for business. The first night she was gone I jumped online eager to see if John might be online. He was and my heart started pounding and my cock started to react. I messaged him and let him know of my situation. He gladly invited me to his place. I got cleaned up, even spraying some cologne on my. I hope you will be a good domestic servant andyou will follow my instructions carefully." Magda said half seriouslyhalf-jokingly.But the impact of those words on Dennis were astounding. He stood upand half-jokingly half seriously tried an awkward curtsey saying at thesame time, "Thank you Miss Magda, I'll try my best to be a goodservant. I'll try and learn as much as possible from you."They both laughed and hugged after that but the role reversal hadhappened. Dennis or rather Lita was going to.

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