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On the day I was to go round, I made sure to get all ready and clean and sent them a message to say I was on my way. It only took me 5 minutes to get ...here and I was happy that they were ready waiting for me, one opened the door and introduced himself as paul and guided me into the living room where he introduced me to mark. They asked me if I was ready for what was coming and when I said yes they ordered me to strip naked for them. I quickly striped off and stood naked and vulnerable in front. ' He led me over to the bed and pushed my legs apart. He lay between them and kissed me deeply as his hands ran over my body, I could feel his rough jeans rubbing against my thighs, my nipples hardened and my pussy started to moisten in anticipation. His hand reached down and rubbed hard against my pussy lips and he smiled as he felt the wetness through my knickers. He moved his head down and under my dress and I lifted my bum as he pulled my knickers down and over my heels I was still wearing.. ” Melanie said with a smile“Like what?” both boys said in unison“I need to get fucked and I need two good looking boys like you to do it. Do you think you can help me cum?” Melanie said as her pussy started getting soaked againShe put her arms around the two boys and led them to her bedroom. Melanie could feel her desire burning between her legs. The boys lay on the bed and looked at her with a mix of lust and amazement on their faces.“Show me your cocks.” She saidThey slowly unzipped their. I was aroused by seeing her take the initiative. As I was laying there, she seductively smiled and took off her t-shirt and shorts. I went berserk by what I was seeing in front of me. Garima was standing in front of me in a black bra and matching panty. She looked hot as fuck.The color of her lingerie was suiting her fair skin. My already hard dick was roaring to come outside of my undies. She came near me and as I reached out with my hands to grab her. She slapped my hands away. She climbed on.

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My Wife And Me

My Wife And Me

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