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" OK Mama, I'll have a talk with them."Later on that day I caught up with Fred and Herman. "Bruno and Mama want to build a weekender down here. They i...tend on buying one of those kit homes and have it transported here, would you guys be interested in finishing it off for them? It would be cash in hand if you take the job on." I'm interested Jim, what about you Fred?" Yeah, the cash in hand bit suits us Jim, if we declare it the bloody Government adjust our pensions so it doesn't make it worth. I hadn’t nearly had enough and continued to squirm. When my arse was almost numb his fat knob broke through my sphincter. Naturally, I let out a wail. Unperturbed, he completed his infiltration before slumping onto me. His humping now began in earnest, and as he thumped my backside the stimulation became awesome. After a few hectic minutes, Guthrie held still in me.Stammering he said, “This hole of yours is so fucking tight. Fuck yeah. It’s my lucky day baby.” His oral offensive then continued. Phir bhi mana kar rahi thi mene ek jor se chata maar dia or unke ankh se aasu agye or wo boli ki tum yaha se jaa sakte ho mujhe nhi karna tumhare sath kuch or wo rone lagi to me dar gaya mene bola thik h meri jaan mat lo muh me par mujhse aise rutho to nhi bahut manna ne ke baad me wo man gai par . Phir bhi land muh me lene se mana kar diMe bhi situation dekh ke boldia thik h meri jaan or usse god me utha ke bed pe giraa dia or chut chatne laga chut chatwane me usse maja ara tha thodi der chut. He watched her like a voyeur as she got dressed. They chatted about her day while she got herself ready. The feeling in her pussy was still there and it seemed like an orgasm was just a breath away…. “So where are we going?” Marcia asked as they got into the truck. “We’ve been invited to Carrie’s tonight,” he answered as he started the truck. “We’re supposed to watch a couple of movies, and she’s ordering some pizza.” His hand strayed across the space separating them in the truck and he gripped.

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