Husband trained wife as the best jerker

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I need..." I trail off, unsure of what I want to ask for, just knowing I need him inside of me.He laughs at me. "You need what?"I feel myself flush as...I try to formulate a response. I clamp my thighs together, trying to ease the ache between my legs, and his quick and sharp slap across my thigh quickly convinces me to open them again.I open my mouth to speak, but I'm still unable to come up with the words I want.In a rush, I blurt it out. "I need you inside me." Nothing. No response from him.I. My boxer shorts were also hanging strangely and I slipped them off to looking with relish in the mirror as I performed my sexy wiggle again. I looked to where my cock must be standing to attention, judging from how turned on I felt, only to see nothing but a neat bush of brown hair.I moved my feet apart a little more and tentatively reached down below the bush, to feel soft vaginal lips. Instead of a rock-hard cock, my arousal betrayed itself as heat and moistness. I ran my finger along the. I turned questioningly to Mummy Jones but she simply smiled and motioned with her head. ?It?s for you darling. We don?t want you getting hurt if there?s an accident. If you and your parents had been strapped in during the accident, you would still be living together on your farm.? I shuddered as the memory of the accident came back and I immediately clambered into the safety of my new baby-seat. My frock and tutu immediately ballooned up and I sat like a giant flower in the seat. She met me thrust for thrust gripping my buttocks, digging her nails into my flesh whimpering as we drove ourselves towards orgasm,"Tommy" she gasped, "Tommy I'm coming" Yes" I hissed, "So am I"I rammed myself hard into her and she squealed, her eyes opened as if in shock, her vaginal muscles tightened as she came, my prick jerked and just for a second I froze, every nerve in my body was tense, then as my own orgasm hit, my prick spewed into her, again and again it spurted until finally we lay.

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