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And I want you home. You’ve got a new set of responsibilites.”She placed my hand on her stomach. “I missed my monthly twice now. Your little col... if growing, and he’s going to need his father.”All the gun battles, the stampedes, the time I’d nearly died of thirst in the desert or froze to death in the Colorado winter, all the times I’d been in terrible danger were nothing compared to what I was feeling now. I was terrified and floating at the same time. I wrapped Claire in my arms, hugging her. Your hands squeezing, pinching and tugging on my nipples. My head leans back on your shoulder, a grin on your face as it becomes clear the men watching are starting to get excited too to just stand there at a distance and watch. They start coming into the field to get closer to me some of them clearly enjoy seeing me under your control. Their hands rubbing their cocks as they move closer, I want to cover my body but I hear you laughing and whisper "Oh no you don't" as you take my hands and pull. .Abb story pe aata hoon. yeh baat December 2011 ki hai. Ek din sham ko mein akele hi friend ki party mein gaya tha. Having some and drinks and snacks. Par wahan par mann nahin lag raha tha aur mann hi mann soch raha tha ki kya bahana banaun wahan se niklne ka aur abhi soch hi raha tha ki itni der mein ghar se meri wife ka phone aaya ki bete ko thodi throat infection hogayi hai agar time mile to wapis aate hue humare family doctor jo ki child specialist bhi hai un se medicines ka pata karte hue. We kissed again, my hands on her back and her fingers in my hair. Her lips tasted like champagne, a taste I didn’t necessarily love, but too wasted to care I swirled my tongue around hers and enjoyed it. Then she broke the kiss and moved down, down, down, pulling my purple thong off and opening my legs like a portal, she went straight to it and licked around, I moaned, enjoying the first sensation as it grew, she went back up and kissed me again, sliding her hand down to my pussy and pushing a.

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