“So what it appears to be is that … and this sounds fucking odd. But that you, me and mom are now in a relationship together. Is that … did I ge... that right?”“I don’t know. I mean, do you want me to call her ‘mom’ as well?” Sveta laughed. “Or ‘miss mom’?”“Her name is Ana. Well, technically her full name is Anastasia but she hates being called that because of that cartoon movie.”“I liked Anastasia!” Sveta exclaimed. “What’s wrong with that movie?”“Well. It’s kind of like … you know when people. She had two additional weapons that allowed her to snare any man she met: 1) a pair of smoldering eyes that would draw you in like a snake hypnotizing it's prey, and 2) a pair of hands that would immediately worm their way into your pants or under your shirt to your nipples while she talked in a husky, teasing voice until you very quickly fell under her spell. She could make you go from alpha male to sub space in no time at all.As I turned 18, she had seduced me and stroked me to orgasm and. Have some respect”.In the evening, the grandparents came back and we had dinner together. After that, we went to our respective rooms to sleep. I changed into shorts and undershirt and was about to doze off when aunt came into my room with a glass of water. She sat for some time and we again started to talk.Aunt: Were you serious in the afternoon when you asked me a chance to have sex with me?I was a bit worried and told her that I was joking and I don’t have any such intention.Aunt: But I. I woke up about noon, meaning I had to show and change, and get some cash from the ATM, so as I got back to my place it was about 4:30 so I called Sam about what time I should come get her to which she replied,"Does 8 sound good, I wanted to see that new flick with Leo Decaprio."So as I waited for the clock to reach 8 I turned on my computer I went to my favorite porn site and jerked off, the girl looked fairly similar to Sam but I just couldn't get off because it just wasn't the same, I just.

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