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Is it just because you're tired of the patches, or is it something else?"Her lips compressed, and she swallowed hard. "Oh, I don't know, Daddy. I... w...nted to be able to see you when you got back. You're gone so darn much, and now that you're here, I can't even look at you."His hand was pumping his dick more rapidly now. "I'll be here for quite a while, honey. Maybe for a long time. You'll have a lot of time to look at this ugly puss."She started to smile weakly. "You say that every time you. He released her suddenly when he realized she was crying. "What's wrong, darling? Did I hurt you?" he asked with concern in his voice.She shook her head while trying to smile. Finally she said, "Of course not, silly. It was so incredibly wonderful, though. Darling, I just can't wait until we're married and you can have all of me for anything you want to do."Her eyes gleamed and she looked utterly beautiful with her hair spread beneath her head like a fan. Then she said, "Honey, I hope you like. At the time it didn’t occur to me to try to put my fingers inside me. I didn’t even know where that was, for a start – for somebody way past puberty not to be able to feel that, says how little awareness I had for my own body! More kneading, getting harder; my fingers had developed a rhythm, rolling sideways from the third finger to the middle finger to the forefinger to the third finger to the middle finger… I had found (without realizing what it was) what I now know was the ugly-named. Ich habemeine Eltern gut erzogen. Sie waren aber auch lernwillig, offen fuerNeues, flexibel und anpassungsfaehig. Mit meinen Eltern habe ichwirklich einen guten Fang gemacht. Nun, an sich zieht Mama nochimmer nicht ganz so, wie man's sich an meiner Stelle wuenschenwuerde, aber bezogen auf andere Eltern gesehen macht sie sicheigentlich nicht schlecht. Nein wirklich, ich will jetzt nichtschleimen, aber meine Eltern, auch meine Mama, die sind wirklichsuper!Aber wollte ich nicht was von.

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