Juanita kissed me all the way down my body and then she reached for my cock. She took it in one hand and my balls in her other hand. Starting at the of my raging cock she licked up it until she got to the head then she slowly sucked the head of my cock into her mouth getting it good and wet. She ran her tongue all around the head of my shaft several times then made her tongue very hard and rubbed the underside of my sensitive cock head. I was keen on fucking her anally but she was sucking. She started to foreplay my dick. Then my dick was getting larger and larger. I was nervous in the start, but then I also got confidence and grabbed her from behind and rubbed my now hard cock on her ass, she was also hot now, and she forced back, to get more contact, I silently kissed her neck from behind and put my hands on her belly , and she turned her face and kissed me on lips , I got out of control and started kissing her neck, face , lips like mad. She started moaning and placed my hands. He is harder than last time” that made boss angry and started slapping her boobs so Sapna took her finger and kept in her mouth to counterbalance the pleasure. I laid over Nisha and while stroking kissed her breasts and lips and then increased the speed. Nisha said “you shameless beast here your wife is in pain and you’re fucking boss’s wife” so went down to her kissed her and pinched her lower lip she was hitting me and bit it off in anger thus blood was coming off and she liked it. Yo boss. Caitlin smiled. ‘We’re fine. I had Claire check me out last night after we got Jessica calmed down. I knew this would have you terrified,’ Caitlin answered. Jake gave Caitlin a tight hug and smiled as he felt the baby kick against him. ‘How much longer?’ Jake asked, trailing kisses down Caitlin’s neck. ‘Three months,’ Caitlin answered as Kylie started crying in the living room. They pulled away and headed in to see what was wrong. ‘Will took her toy,’ Craig said with a laughing grin. Will.

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