After I had my fill of her I stood up and claimed her mouth, letting her taste her juice. “Let’s move away from here,” Tommy grunted and pulled ...ur newest playmate away from the counter. He didn’t move far. He placed her on the island and spread her legs wide. I gave his cock a quick suck and lick before helping him position it in Shannie’s wet entrance. “Oh shit...” Shannie gasped as she watched Tommy’s pecker penetrate her pussy. “Oh shit, Tommy, your cock’s so fucking big!” she moaned while. Yes do it, dats my girl. Tell me ya like bein my girl Stevie.”As I felt him holding me tightly, as I felt his arms and legs captivating me, as I smelt his empowering manliness filling my head, and my head turned to accept more of his nibbling on my neck, I switched from fanning to digging and pushing my bottom back onto his thick hard huge thighs as I said, “Oh yes Jake, I don’t know why or how but I do like being like this, being your bitch, being your girl, oh it makes me wanna cum so bad, I. I, I, I don't know really..." was all I could muster. I came over here specifically because I knew we might do this. But, suddenly I was so nervous! What if we got caught? My parents would be mortified!"I think you are here because you want to. Right?" I nodded, my tongue dry in my mouth. "I think there's a little trickle in your panties right now...yeah?" I nodded again, feeling a flush of warmth between my legs. "Then just go with it," she whispered and came into my cheek with a sweet kiss.. No, it certainly wasn't fit for Mother to see! The colours alone would give her a turn — a bright cerise jelly dildo, looking remarkably anatomically correct, if a little large; a purple vibrator with the delightful name of "Petite Flower"; and a cute little blue thingy called a Screaming Octopus, which promised "tingle tentacles to disperse the high speed vibrating sensation from central to tip."The names along with the florid descriptions on the packaging, combined with an image of her.

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