She blushed even more and kept quiet. I stood up and came closer to her and stood near her. Again I asked her in soft voice "what is it – tell me". ...he blushed and said softly "it is your vindhu (semen) uncle". I softly asked "do you know what it does". She blushed and said in a very soft tone "it gives you pleasure when coming out from you and it gives baby to the woman getting it inside her". I tittered and slightly lifted my dhoti and brought the wetness near her nose. She moved her head. She tossed her oversized purse down and excused herself to the ladies room to freshen up a bit. Chance was waiting for her by the pool, one leg on the side, one leg in the water, casually stroking his stiffening cock when she returned. Amber emerged, freshly applied lip-gloss shining in the sun, her smooth brown skin looking like a Hershey's chocolate bar and her bathing suit bottoms were filled out to perfection. It wasn't just her heavenly round ass that made it bulge; it was the nine inches. UUUHHH…., OOOOHHH… UUUMMM…, AAAHHH…Tthey both started sucking them hard and Mr Madhukar tried to put the entire boob into his mouth as if he is going to swallow it. I can tell my wife was thoroughly enjoying it by closing her eyes and biting her lips, then Aftersome hard sucking Mr Bhupendra Lal got behind my wife’s ass and he held her ass and spitted some saliva on her asshole and he started licking her asshole with his tongue, she was screaming in pleasure AAAAHHH…KEEP DOING… DON’T STOP. You’ve haunted my dreams since we first met.’ ‘Wait…what?’ I was so astounded that I stopped kissing him cold turkey. ‘You’ve what?’ ‘Well I guess my secret is out now, isn’t it?’ Jake asked looking sheepishly at me. ‘Carly, I’ve had the hots for you for years. I think I fell for you that first day I met you. Remember when you fell over me in the quad?’ I turned red once again remembering the day I had tripped over Jake’s legs as he sat stretched out in the grass relaxing between classes. ‘Make.

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Indian Couple.

Indian Couple.

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