Her breasts started to sprout and I developed a very special bond with her. She was also very fond of me and would be very annoyed if I did not meet h...r regularly.We would frequently go to the roof and spend our times together and that is when we came close physically. I would kiss her, play with her small yet very firm breasts. She would play with my penis and me with her pussy. At times when she would become very hot, she would release some white very sticky fluid which I would gaze in. Mary moaned and her thighs opened further, letting her pussy gap as she did. Janna moved her head down and kept her finger buried as she began to lick the juices from her pussy. Her tongue went deep trying to pull up all that she could, her face became wet as she licked the inside walls down. She picked her head up a bit, pulled the finger from Mary’s ass and sucked on her finger. Her head went back to Mary and her tongue danced over her clit, making Mary moan and she felt her pussy open up and. Cam had parked in the back alley, which was dark as all get out, and he had to virtually feel the way to his car. Just as he approached his prized 1967 corvette, he noticed some movement next to his car. Quietly, he crouched down and listened to see what was happening."Hurry Jenny, grab the damn thing and let's get out of here," he heard and realized someone was inside his car. Suddenly, he rushed to the driver's door, as he was not going to let them damage his ultimate toy. The voice inside. “Well, we should head off,” Alex said getting back in the Range Rover.“Do you want to finish what we started?” Charlotte asked.“It’s is a bad idea, Charlotte”“No, it’s not. Thirty minutes ago, you were stroking my pussy and I know you were turned on.”“I am married to your sister, plus I am twelve years older than you,” Alex protested.Alex was wearing a white shirt and jeans. Charlotte’s hand went over his denim-clad leg and grabbed his penis.“Don’t you feel turned on Alex?” she said undoing his.

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