Same to same i do this with my sister just we...

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The platform I'm lying on seems to be made of the same rock as the walls, hard and lumpy, digging into my back.Rusted iron shackles encircle my wrists...and ankles, pinned into the volcanic rock with nails as thick as my forearm. I yank at them, jerking my feet up and flinging my arms down, praying that one of the nails will break loose. I grimace at the effort, baring my teeth and hissing as the movement causes my dry lips to split. I lick at the blood and find temporary relief as it wets my. Mark snapped his fingers at me ( a thing I truly hated) and pointing down to his dick, just commanded “now home boi” In terror, I did as Mark had ordered me, and walked over and dropped to my knees at the end of his lounge chair. I quickly grabbed his vein poppin cock, and went right down on him, swallowing his entire 10” of thick jock cock. I immediately started up and down his shaft, making lots of slurping noise, as I wet him up at the same time. Mrs. Clark simply exclaimed “oh my—he is. As she looked up at me, the sudden movement of her head, combined with the effect of the alcohol caused her to lose her balance and she fell sprawled backwards across the log, presenting me with a beautiful sight of this stunning young stranger bent over with her head and feet in contact with the ground, but her midriff forced ungracefully towards me, which had the added advantage, from my point of view, of causing her ludicrously short skirt to ride up and reveal just a glimpse of her black. I released one leg and bent it before roping it at the knee securing it in place before doing the same to the other, making you kneel in that position and unable to move. I looked at my work and smiled at the work, before dragging one hand back to your knee and roping it to your knee, and then I did the same on the other side. This made your legs spread wide as they were pulled up by your arms which were now attached to them. This position was not one you had been in before and it meant you.

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