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" He pointed to his pants smiling proudly."No Tom, please stop it this minute." Zil turned her head and looked away."Feel it Auntie, feel how hard I a... for you." He took Zil's right hand and pulled it over the top of his throbbing cock as it burst to get out of his jeans.Zil snatched her hand away and stood up to rush out of the room, but Tom quickly grabbed her arm and pulled her back down onto the sofa and this time forced her hand back onto his cock and held it there so she could do nothing. He always likes the taste of my pussy juices. He pulled my clit into his mouth sucking it hard. He could see my breasts heaving with each breath I took. My fingers found their way into his hair, and I pulled his head even closer to my juicy pussy. He slowly pushed his forefinger deep into my quivering pussy.I felt my head spinning and a familiar eruption building up deep within me. My legs began shaking as I tried to catch my breath. He got on his knees and guided the head of his hard manhood. I'm just not used to being kissed. Nor drinking." He liked you too," Sue answered.Maggie waved goodbye to Sue and stumbled into the hotel. She sobered up in the shower, utilizing her hand to meet her needs. Twice. She was happy.But for a coincidence, that night have been the beginning and the end of her flirtation with the wilder side of life.Maggie was active in state-wide women's religious groups. She enjoyed her excursions to meetings, conferences, and seminars. To her surprise, she was. And just walked around the empty mall until we were hungry, then we went to the IHOPS nearby for a big breakfast. After the pancakes, fruit, and OJ we drove to my house. I called three times to make sure my parents or someone wasnt home by accident. Then I pulled up and went inside to check a final time. I didnt want my Asian parents to see me cut school and bringing a girl home! I just NEVER did anything like that before. But we were going to study anyways, I knew she wouldnt do anything.

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