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I was surprised, we hadn’t shared the same bed for six years, not since I was ten and I had innocently placed my hand on her breast when we slept. ...y mother had woken up and yelled at me that time. Now however I knew why, then it wasn’t quite so understandable.“But Mom I don’t wear any PJ’s.” I said trying to get out of this. I knew the duvet on my bed would be lovely and warm tonight, after I’d spent enough time in it to raise it’s temperature. But my Mother was adamant that I sleep with. Hamiltonasked me, concern written all over his face.Desperate for any non-pervert explanation I responded, "I... yes... I dofeel a bit... stricken today. Sorry for interrupting class Mr. Hamilton."He just nodded understandingly and said, "Oh don't worry about that. Butmaybe you should go see the school doctor?" Oh great. I couldn't possiblygo to the school doctor. He would immediately notice that I wasn't sickat all. Additionally, people would most likely notice the cum drippingfrom my. "What's up? What's going on with your cousins? You know we don't bring outsiders to our parties." Yea, I know, but I couldn't leave them at home and Jessie said I could bring them along. It's no big deal, man. They're really cool. We won't have no problems with them." We better not. You're responsible for them. Anything goes wrong and it's your ass on the line, got it?" I said getting right into his face."No sweat, man. It's all cool. Besides, I think you're gunna like Hector. That mutha fucka. He was in the bathroom and he was ready to take his first shower. He called out to her. “Down here in the bathroom.” In her dress, she made any necessary adjustments. She wanted to be sure she looked hot. She made sure she looked sexier then ever. She walked towards the bathroom and turned the corner and as she did she was smiling. He looked at her. As he did, his eyes clearly opened wide. He saw her in that dress she’d bought. And he immediately noticed her cleavage too. “Holy crap” he told.

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