Thunder cracks through the black sky following another lightening photo shot of two bodies beginning to gravitate towards each other, slowly. The lamp...flickers. “ It’s like you knew I needed something. New. You. Somehow,” he said without breaking eye contact. Another roarful crack of thunder. Taryn tilts her head softly, “ Is that right? Lightening strikes again. Lamp shakes and shivers. I’m not one for lyrical miracles and all but, we might be onto something,” she replies with a whisper. He. I could never read Simon to know for sure how he felt. He was usually only excited about money but he seemed ready to get out of the house as well! My Dad was feeling pretty confident with the new household. The only real hold out was Lindsay who was ready to be a total wet blanket about everything. She did seem to be coming around to the ostentatious house but she didn’t want to openly admit it. I knew she didn’t want to hear my dad say “See! I told you that you would like it!”Lucy was. I told him to get me a little wine from the kitchen, as I might need it for some of the questions.I selected truth or my first turn and waited for him to ask. I expected him to ask me some personal stuff and some curious sexual stuff but was surprised at how quickly he started. His first question was how many guys did I date before his brother. I reminded him that I was 25 when I met his brother and then said that I dated about 20 guys but some might have been just one date.He selected truth. . Both where married women! Sara's husband is a short man and she is taller than him. Before this I had heard the two of them having sex and since my girlfriend was working back home in colorado, She only came out about twice a month.. So.., I usually only got laid twice a month! So I was always horny and got myself off now and then to relieve the tension and sex chatting with my woman back home to help.. Ironicaly I broke my left leg in a skydiving misshap in march, and after spending.

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