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I drew my Starr DA and lined up on the nearest crook. I was shooting at him from the side, but he was only about 20 feet away, so I was confident of h...tting what I aimed at. Unfortunately, he was still wearing that duster, so I had to guess where his body really was.At the last moment, he leaned against the bar and that fixed the location of his torso, so I fired before he could move back. I couldn't tell exactly where I had hit him, but the hit was just right to knock him into the man standing. Her boyfriend Mike was a little taller than her with a real quick wit. We had a nice dinner then went back to their apartment for a few beers. We lived close by so if we got too hammered we figured we could walk. After a few beers the girls decided that we should play strip poker. Sounded like fun, so we set up the rules and started to play. Stacy was naked first, and so then we needed to give her challenges if she lost another hand. She did and so we had her make out with Mary. They went at it. The cut was too shallow to entrap the sword, but it was enough to fit with the magic of the poison sword. The aurochs managed to get just past Almo in its charge when it fell over quite dead from the poison. My point here was to illustrate just how effective poison could be in defeating such a large beast. The men were suitably impressed, especially when they were able to find 83 gold coins.I have no idea how it is possible, but the aurochs also dropped a ring. My identifier charm said that. .:) but you just start doing it, and you'll see. :) ;)Also, if it is possible, it would be absolutely great if you could befriend with one or more guys that are successful with women. That would be the best opportunity for you to see how happens the "real action" with a guy who GETS IT. At the beginning, you shouldn't do anything and learn. Then, after you'll have some results with your inner game, you could start approaching women while hanging out with those successful guys. A.

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