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" stated Ally. She watched her agents for their reactions. She was pleased to see anger and not fear."Are you or Kelly in immediate danger?" asked Joe..."I doubt it. I think the shooter was looking for a blonde at the stakeout. However, the fact that he took a shot at Kelly means that he has a general description of me." replied Ally. "The agency has assigned surveillance for both of us. Personally, I don't think the shooter will try anything until another stakeout." Why do you say that?" asked. It might take longer, since she would want it to be untainted, but that might be okay. It might be a good lesson in patience for me, I thought.The time past slowly until it was time to go meet Happy Gilmore. I drove the Honda to Chattanooga Tenn. It was the site of the Electric Car Company. The Mission statement of the ECC stated that it was to be a manufacturer of affordable Electric Vehicles. It didn't give the definition of affordable. It also hadn't been able to put a single car out the. But, get this woman behind closed doors, and a freak comes out to play.I mow her yard while she sits in her patio chair pretending to read. But, I see her constant glances in my direction. I know what she has on her mind - and it isn't that book. After I finish mowing, Mrs. Adams makes her usual excuse to get me into her bedroom. I don't know why, but she plays this silly game where she acts like I am just going to innocently "help" her with something. Then while I am "helping", she grabs my. Real pretty, too, for an older gal. Anyway,” she continued after a couple bites, “Rennie gave me contact numbers for both him and his sister. So, to see if he was legit, I called her and we’ve been talking ever since.”Struggling for what to say, Josie just watched as her friend took a long sip from her soft drink straw.“Now, I bet I know him better than you do,” Sarah bragged with a sly grin.Josie refused to take the bait, however. Instead, she began to get angry, especially as Sarah started to.

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