“What the fuck is that?” he asked Heather.“He’s being punished,” Heather told him.I sat down next to them on the couch, my cock still in ful... boner mode. I took Heather by her hair, and guided her mouth to my cock. She leaned over and started sucking. Vic grabbed his cock and slid it into her.Heather must have done this a hundred times before. Her body moved like the tide on the beach. Vic held her ass, as I held her head. Her mouth took me deeper, and deeper the longer she rode.Heather’s lips. Next day, she was with her friends when she passed my office, so I was unable to talk anything. After a few days again, she was all alone, I went to her and asked her whether she was willing to come and clean my house which is just a half km away from the place. She said she has a tight schedule as she is working in 2-3 places, I asked her once a week will be good for me. And asked for her number. She hesitated a bit and gave me her number. I told her that I will call and tell you where and. I look up the street, there are maybe a dozen other ponies of both sexes pulling sulkies which are under the control of the passengers some just walking other trotting at a reasonable speed. The ponies are all outfitted differently but tend to have one thing on common, there is little or no covering on chests and lower abdomen, bare breasts of various sizes are bouncing to the rhythm of the legwork going on below them. I can hear whips cracking over and over again but my observations are. The enquiries came in. She was a popular prospect. However when ever it gave her dates and times she was always busy doing other things and could not meet any deadlines. This is not good for business. If you say you are available then you must be so. Sex hungry men will not put up with being messed around. I suppose three or four weeks passed and I had been quite busy with a string of sexy bookings. I love being a busy girl! Anyway one day I was getting ready for a visit by one of my regulars..

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