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At the next stop Bonnie got on. The seats were too small for her, but there was a place to stand at the end. She squeezed her large behind around the ...assengers standing in the way and took up the space at the entrance to the driver's compartment.Burton barely looked up but in a moment it registered, half-consciously, from Bonnie's blue top and polka dot pants that there was a nurse there. He'd seen plenty of nurses today at St. Stanislaus, he didn't really feel like seeing any more just. Doesn't it excite you too??" his mom asked."Mom what if I don't like it," Charles sighed."Well I am not going to force down anything on you son. If you are not comfortable living in your old hometown, we will stay here in Manchester. It's not hard for me to get another job here. I know that you are not a city person and that you are no longer used to living in some quiet small town. I mean when your dad and I took you out from there, you were hardly a preteen. Hell I am not even sure if I want. I sat in her chair and rolled it forward between her legs. Karen moaned with the first touch of my hands on her crotch. I pulled her pussy lips open with my thumbs revealing the pink sensitive insides.I attacked her hot clit with my tongue, and in less than a minute, she had a leg shaking orgasm. I was going to continue when she called out."Ethan, I want you right now!"Karen's pussy was warm wet heaven as I pushed up inside her. With my thumb rubbing her clit some more, I started pumping in and. It was like she'd just realised we were alone, and what that usually meant."Uh...yeah. I was like, really horny." she said."Are you still?" I asked, standing up.She stood up too, and I took a step towards her. She nodded, biting her lip."Really?" I said, reaching forwards.I undid the button of her jeans, pulled the zip down, and slid my hand down to her panties. I rubbed my finger across her crotch, and found that she was starting to get wet."Hmm, yeah, you are horny." I said, teasingly.With my.

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