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She pulled back for a sec, smiled at him as she guided his hands over her breasts as she returned to that wonderful kiss. She felt excitement as he pu...led her in holding her tightly against him as her arousal was creating wet warmth between her thighs as she slid onto his lap as their kisses were becoming deeper and wetter. With her tushy now on his lap she could feel stiffness growing from him as their making out continued. After some time she climbed off his lap and took him by the hand and. It was not only long but thick as well. This made her forget about her wet clothes and she payed more attention to her wet pussy. Grabbing his hands, she pushed one up against her pussy and the other on one of her breasts. "Get to work." she said in a smug voice. "Now that's what the fuck I'm talkin' about. Take off those wet clothes bitch. And then suck my dick." demanded Cory. Surprisingly she did what he said. She had never had a guy talk to her like that. and it turned her on far past any. Sie ging noch kurz im Büro vorbei, sprach mit der Sekretärin das weitere Vorgehen ab. Um 8:00 Uhr früh des nächsten Tages würde ein IT-Spezialist, ein Hacker der Staatsanwaltschaft, alle Anrufer überprüfen und ihre direkte Bürodurchwahl würde über die Telephonzentrale geschaltet werden. Anschließend stieg sie in ihren metallicblauen BMW und fuhr nach Hause. Sie besaß ein kleines Appartement im 12. Stock des Lomaz- Gebäudes, ein Geschenk der Eltern zum Abschluß des Jurastudiums. Gerade noch. She had never felt so full she wanted to scream just as she was about to cum but bit down on Trina's neck instead.Trina came too and the pain from Cat's bite and knowing that Cat had just cum made her climax with the redhead.After their orgasms subsided Cat started to move on Trina again and started to squeeze her breasts so hard making it bruised and made the vacuum suck even more skin. Trina's nipples were already purple and oozing what looked like milk.Cat squealed, "Milk!" Then ripped off.

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