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We all striped down to nothing as we told him this was our first time as we all crawled into bed, I was to the left of Beauty with a rock hard on and ...e had the same, we were both about the same size (6.5 to 7) . As we laid the the Beauty reached down and took our dicks in her hands and started to genteelly move her hands up and down, what a site as it seems like the lovely wife may have did this before. He took charge and mounted my wife as we laid there, after he fuck here hard for a while. I’m impressed with her knowledge of classical music as we talk about what is to be played. Not may younger women I meet have a clue. I already want desperately to see her again. The Symphony is wonderful with fine performances and we both truly love it. Fertile common ground. Our bodies respond magnetically as we sit listening. Furs are stroked and fondled. Bodies pressed together. Her scent driving me crazy. Her fur filled hair is all over the side of my face .. caressing me all night as she. " Frank added, "I definitely want a feel of that." They went back to each other and Tom moved around in front of me. He cupped my balls with his other hand and closed his eyes, along with giving another moan. I savored the moment for a while, then looked down Tom's body. I reached for his belt and started to open his pants. Tom let go of me and pulled down his pants. Out popped a short, but very fat uncut cock with its head sticking out of the foreskin. Very hot slab of meat, and I'd. Mei yeh soch raha tha ki woh dono kaise kiye honge suhaagraat. Mujhe bhi janna tha ki suhaagraat m kya kya kiya jata h. Mei chachi ke saath sex karne ka mauka dhundna shuru kar diya. Ek din mei bore feel kar raha tha toh mei chhat par chala gaya. Wha par jaa kr kuch exercises karne laga. Exercise karte tym maine apni shirt khol kar side mei rakh di. Kuch der baad meri nyi sexy chachi aayi chhat par kapda sukhane. Woh mre abs wale body ko dekh par dang reh gayi thi. Maine notice kiye ki use mera.

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