”“We’ll see about that,” I replied coolly.And of course, he did come to my side with a smile. He was an elegant looking guy, handsome and the end of day signs of wear, tie loosened, but still neat, a hint of a day-old beard, just right to seem manly and handsome, and his manner was confident. I decided he was probably in sales or marketing.“Hi, my name is Bob.”“Ellen.” I permitted a tight smile.“Lonely down at theater end of the bar.” He smiled a very winning smile which reminded me of. ”“I love your cock in my ass. Please… fuck me harder.”But he didn’t. The rhythm was the same, a slow, consistent sawing deep inside, pulling almost all the way out, then sliding all the way back in.It felt like her ass was on fire. It felt like her cunt was opened wide and drooling. Shimmering drops of liquid speckled the floor between her legsEach thrust made her entire body tingle, the charge emanating from the endless pressure and friction of his cock violating her ass. She closed her. ”“Job?”“I promised mom that I will be her substitute in every possible manner, remember? So daddy dear, your darling daughter is playing the role of your wife. Got it?”“O.K. I am going online.”Deepak emerged from his study at about 8.30 P.M. as was his normal schedule. He was amused to find his glass, a bottle of whisky and chilled water laid out on his side table next to his favorite sofa. As per his routine, he proceeded to his room and had a quick bath and after changing into his night dress. “Uh! Oh fuck! Greggy put you fingers inside of me while you do that, ooh!” Two fingers slid into her pussy one at a time and began pulsing in and out. “harder, Greggy! Mmm, rub the top of my vadge back and forth. Ah! Yeah, that’s the spot!” Her hands disappeared inside my hair and shoved my face deeper into her crotch. She was moaning loudly and breathing fast. Her hands ran the locks of my hair and Allison’s body began to writhe as my tongue and fingers continued their assault on her body. .

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