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’ These were two slow romantic songs that I liked like nothing else. Every day I awakened from my sleep, I had to put them on to freshen and vitaliz... and enliven up my day. Is life ever possible without love? I don’t think so. Twenty minutes after, I eventually made it to Kent University. The drizzle was still present and ongoing. Shit! I had forgotten my umbrella back home and I wondered how I was going to make my way out in the rain. For that mistaking, I had to pay by getting drenched and. I peeled off the gel pad to see what had caused the hump. It seemed the seat post had broken right through the brittle old saddle and was sticking up through the middle of it. I pushed on the front of the seat when suddenly it let go. It slid down the post, crashing right down onto the bike's frame. I looked at the shiny chrome post poking at least six or seven inches through the seat and thanked my lucky stars that I hadn't leaned ahead while riding. That hard steel pipe would have been a lot. I will play but only if it is fair. Only fair Cliff! Understand? Now I'm leaving and see if you can get another girl to be your slut. I'm done letting you guys get me naked. DONE.”“I’m coming too!” Roger said. He turned toward Cliff and said, “Please Cliff, the Climatic Clifferousness? That was lame as hell dude!” The guys around agreed.“What?! It’s just a game guys! Come on! Ok, I’ll let you get out, guys! GUYS!” No one listened and Jill was already getting dressed. Cliff cursed his stupidity.. "Oh that's lovely Suzy, now don't get carried away dear...we've got work to do. Come with me."For a moment, Miss Lambourne seemed to hesitate. She looked over at Suzy's Mistress for a moment. Suzy's Mistress looked carefully...first at Miss Lambourne, and then at Suzy. "Suzy, remember what I told you outside. Miss Lambourne knows your safeword, don't be afraid to use if you need to."Suzy again nodded wordlessly and looked down at the floor.Taking the girl by the hand and kissing the wet fingers,.

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Land in Girl Gand

Land in Girl Gand

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