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You really can ... oh, fuck me." That'll do for a start. But why don't you begin with Billy? He's wanted that ass for a long time."I wanted ... what? ...hat was just crazy; Lynn was cute but she was like a sister to me. Fucking her would be weird - just like ... well ... just like fucking my ... my hot, sexy, beautiful sister. More like a stepsister actually. My cock was growing harder by the second; finally, after all these years of lusting after her in secret.She approached me slowly,. Unless perhaps it was to be Big Brawny Woman.My Mistress had summoned me one afternoon. This was how it worked with her. I had to check in with her every morning and afternoon by SMS to tell her what I was doing. She didn't always answer but it was her way of checking up on me to make sure that I wasn't being stolen by any other Mistress. Any other woman that she didn't approve of that is. After all, I was part of her income stream.The other thing is that she would often summon me like this.. I am very, very crossed and annoyed in what you two did. I will no longer tolerate such acts ever again! Do you both understand me?”“You’re very fierce, slut.” a voice came from behind. My mouth hung open, I was shocked to see Jeremy came walking in.“That’s the slut cum hole mouth I had cummed numerous times into boys.” He began high-fiving the rest. Even the 3 girls started to giggle.“No please Jeremy, w-what are you doing?” I was so frightened now, I began to perspire.“No longer the uptight. Reaching in his pocket, John took out a pair of scissors. Moments later the ruined pieces of panty fabric fell to the floor. John took a step back to take a good look, apparently she didn’t shave her bush. As John stepped back he slipped a finger in her damp cunt. “From now on, you will be hairless everywhere on your body, but your head. If you do not do it, I will do it for you.” John commanded while he continued to fingerfuck her. Then the girl did something unexpected, she spit in his face..

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