Katie began to moan as her pelvis grinded against my mouth. I began to massage her clitoris and it was soon peaking out to greet my tongue. I began to...flick it over and over as I began to massage the opening to her pussy with my finger. I had missed her tangy taste as I began to rub my tongue across her. She tasted so good. I forgot how much I enjoyed performing oral sex on her. I looked up at her as she was biting her bottom lip. Her hand was on her left breast massaging her nipple. “Don’t. She was hugging me tightly and slowly started kissing her on neck she started shivering and I slowly soothed her back with my palms and made it easy for her and I next made my step to ears with one hand and soothing her back with other and kissing her neck in mean while this continued for 10 mins and she was feeling comfortable with me and now our eyes were meeting each other and I can see her lust in them and started smooching her lips,We kissed for almost another 10 mins and asked her to show. There had been little evidence of care in the garden with old newspapers and rubbish lying around in the tall, unkempt grass at the front. "Yup", I thought, "you wanted a real slapper, you damn well got one!" Inside had not been any better, as soon as I had stuck my tongue down Kerry's throat for the umpteenth time already that night (and groped her arse again), the stale stench of cheap fags and fry up had wafted down the hallway. Still in bed I licked my lips, smelling my fingers and inhaled. Today was different though. After all it was her wedding day and she was dressed to impress! Of course she had the white dress, with all the lace trimmings, but what really was working for me was the tight waistline which flowed down over her slender hips, but curved up over her full breasts, with a slightly daring low cut at the front showing just enough cleavage to catch the eye. Sure, Lisa was pretty, but there was no denying- she also looked truly fuckable. The realization that I wanted to.

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