Then i felt hands run down my sides and into my crotch, it felt amazing and I looked down only to realise it was her friend. She had come up behind me...and wrapped her legs around me and was fondling me with her hands. She took my rigid cock out of my traditional underwear and that’s when my new friend suddenly pounced into action, her head dropped down and she took me in her mouth, each time she went up and down her hair ran up and down my exposed flesh. I was worried I was going to cum far to. She dropped to her knees and took his fifth member into her warm, wet mouth.John gazed down at the sight before him. The heavy makeup. The bleached streaks against her dark, virgin hair. She was becoming a quite the little slut, her head bobbing up and down while her hand pounded away on his thick shaft. Within minutes, he stopped fighting the urge to prolong his ecstasy and allowed himself to pump his manhood into her hungry mouth and down her throat.She looked up at him with loving eyes. “Now. She hurried down the hall to Hayley's room and knocked once but then pushed open the door. Hayley was still sleeping. Katelyn went in and stood beside the bed looking down at the younger woman. God, she's so beautiful, Katelyn thought, and her heart contracted. She couldn't give Hayley up; it just wasn't feasible, unless she could handle living her life with her heart broken into a shattered mosaic of painful pieces. But she didn't want to lose Mike, and God forbid, the children. What a mess. I parked my car in the road across from the wood, then clutching my carrier bag I walked down the road a little then crossed over and went into the wood.The place I liked to go to was about 200 yds into the woods and over by an old wall that surrounded a large section of the Whipps Cross hospital grounds, you wouldn't go over there normally as it went no where, so for privacy it was ideal!As I walked along I could feel my stockings and suspenders gripping my legs, I could feel the straps of my.

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