Desi Bhabhi Dirty Talking Hindi Audio ( Part-2)

Agarwal He is a big businessman. unki ek ladki thi Tanya, jo amir bap ki beti thi. wo 12th main hai. wo din bhar ghar main akeli reheti thi. ek din me...e flat ke bahar ek lifafa pada hua tha. usne wo dekha aur bell bajayi. maine door khola aur dekha to wo samne khadi thi. phir maine use andar bulaya. phir thodi der bad chali gayi. phir usse meri acchi friendship ho gayi. hamari mulakat ke 15 din bad wo mere kare main baithi thi. main uske saath masti kar raha tha. masti masti main maine uske. " AJ declined with a wink, indicating he needed some time alone with his chief of staff.Nodding, Jules departed the office in search of another cup of coffee for herself."Something I can get for you, Ma'am?" Tiner asked."No, Tiner, I'm fine. I'm just getting a cup of coffee." Jules smiled and turned to leave."Mind if I accompany you, Ma'am? I need a refill myself." Tiner stood with his mug and waited for the Colonel's permission."Sure Tiner, it's your office after all." Jules walked ahead of. Then asked me that, “Raj what do you want. I know you want something.That is why you are about to tell our parents”. I looked at her then stared boobs and hard nipples which were just sucked by Nitin. Her t-shirt was wrinkled in the sex session they had. Her was also scribbled. Seeing all this crap and imagining Nitin fucking Reetu I got an immediate hard-on.Then she said I think I now know what you want. Now I was waiting what she does but didn’t reveal my intensions to check whether she has. I am not sure what the third canine was up to, but I was far too busy moaning at the top of my lungs to care. Dont stop! I begged. Please dont stop! They did not. In fact, both the force and speed of the tongue thrusts were increased until they were moving so fast that I became unable to tell then they were in and when they were out. But all that mattered was the powerful orgasm growing within me. FUUCCCKKKK!!!!! I soon shrieked at the top of my lungs. The climax had crept up on me and I was.

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