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The handle was dark, decorated with white rope work and brass rings. A cat-o-nine tails, it swayed gently in his hand in the firelight. Her eyes widen...d slightly but remained fixed on the whip as he brought it closer. He caressed her face with it, drawing it across her cheekbones and down her throat to her breasts. She felt it's smooth softness and inhaled the scent, the touch of leather a velvet threat. Slowly, lingeringly, the leather strands slid across her nipples, straining erect under the. He took them to a conference room where they met the producer for their segment, Robert V. Smith.Bob Smith spent an hour questioning them in great detail about their experiences hiking through the mountains to safety. Bob ordered out for lunch, so they could keep preparing for their interview time later in the afternoon. Josh and Molly worked with the staff cartographer for an hour after lunch to help the cartographer follow their route through the mountains. Bob felt it was essential for. ---:::Well, yes. We're very pretty, you and I. And maybe you are straight,honey, but you're also a girl now. And who are straight girls attractedto?::: and Tina's voice faded away, with a giggle.He shivered, that red hair tumbling, tousled, from the shaking of hishead. He expected the voice to return, sweet and menacing, and jumpedwhen he heard:"Is this any good?"But, thankfully, the voice was nervous and very masculine. The officerworker from earlier was holding up a Deadpool trade paperback.. "Cool, cool. So... whatcha up to?" "Not much." "Ah," Mel said. She walked past me, and sat on the edge of my bed without being invited. She looked at the TV, where the game had paused in the middle of a cut-scene showing an anime girl in a school-girl outfit tied to a wooden cross. Her outfit was torn and tattered, revealing an ample amount of side-boob, and a tiny glimpse of white frilly panties beneath her skirt. Mel looked back at me with eyebrows raised. "It's a game," I explained, feeling.

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